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The screen is basically a slave

1) Removing Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series Stereo

2) Connecting the reversing camera

3) Trouble Shooting reversing camera

4) Connecting the Wi-Fi Dongle

5) Audio in reverse

6) Choosing the correct unit for your Land Cruiser

7) Firmware Update

8) Software mapping updates

9) Connecting the Digital Tuner

10) Viewing the 2nd (caravan) Camera

11) Trouble Shooting Guide

12) GPS Mirror Issues

13) Trouble shooting poor camera images for diesel engines

14) Moving NM / NP Pajero Air Conditioning controls

15) Using the original camera in a 200 series Land Cruiser

16) Using your existing factory camera

17) Radio Reception issues

18) Moving the E46 Air conditioner controls

19) Radio Signal Amp

20) Radio whine

21) Unit does not turn on again

22) Repowering the existing Amplifier and Antenna

23) Camera Connections for CANBUS vehicles

24) Finding Steering wiring

The Difference between base and professional stereos

Retaining a Factory Camera

 Jeep / Chrysler / Dodge Audio / Bluetooth issues

Using a ByPass cable or Fibre Optic

 Connecting an Aerpro interface for a stereo set up for a factory CANBUS

Stereo take too long to boot up

Mitsubishi Camera retain cabling

Jeep / Chrysler / Dodge Reversing camera adapter 

 Screen occasionally / randomly goes black

 Reversing camera connection issues

35)  Resetting the unit to clear software glitch

36)  Hyundai Camera connections

37)  Stereo re-starts takes longer than 3 seconds

38)  Stereo will go to black screen on start up

39)  Stereo does not start up or no longer starts up

40)  Microphone Issues

41)  Volkswagen Camera retain cable

42)  GPS Signal Trouble Shooting


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