BI-127 (7")

Truck quality monitor with sun shield and audio  7"


Complete modular mix and match system. 

1) choose if you want one or two cameras,
2) choose if you need a spiral connector (or two)
3) how many meters of cabling you need for each camera

Digital LCD monitor with wide view angle and fine pictures. No radiation
Picture turning up/down, or turning left/right function
Multi-languages of display available: English, French, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Arabian
Game function
Automatic front panel LED activation at night convenient for the users
Mirror and normal image switch available
Automatic brightness control function
Full-function remote controller
Multiple system available: PAL/NTSC
Three AV input, Three cameras can be connected to the monitor
Earphone output jack
Wide range of power supply: 12~32V.Cameras powered through LCD itself and no control box needed
Built-in speaker
Auto activate on reverse signal (reversing back-view display)

Resolution            800 x 3 (RGB) x 480
Contrast                500:1
Brightness             400 cd/m
Viewing Angle       U: 50 / D: 60   R/L 70
Response Time:    Tr:  5ms;  Tf 20ms
Power input:          10 - 32V
Video input            3 inputs
Audio input            3 inputs
Trigger signal        3 trigger wires
Anti-vibration         7g  U bracket

7" unit will take up to 4 cameras!


Camera Options:
Bullet / Bumper Bar               Heavy Duty Truck / Van (avail in white)               Side View (White / Black)

Butterfly                                 Mini Bullet                      Heavy Duty Bullet                   

   Round Caravan                                                           

           Caravan                                                                                  Twin Caravan                                                    

Camera Options Model
Bullet / Bumper
H. D. Truck (with audio)
Side View
Mini Bullet
Heavy Duty Butterfly
Caravan Round
Twin Caravan Camera


This heavy duty 3 in 1 cable carries audio / video and power and of course has fully waterproof connections making it ideal for cars, 4WD, trucks, caravans, horse floats etc.4 Pin Cables

  When sent with above
7.5M Single (most cars)                       (single camera system)
7.5M Twin Cable (most cars)               (twin camera system)
10M Cable  (smaller caravan / trailer) (single camera)
15M Cable  (standard caravan)          (single camera)
15M Twin Cable                          (two cameras placed on caravan or truck)
20M Cable   (truck)                           (single camera)
Spiral Single Cable    (One camera on caravan / trailer / truck)
Spiral Twin Cable      (Two cameras on the caravan / trailer / truck)
Spiral Triple Cable      (Three cameras on the caravan / trailer / truck)
Integrated Parking sensors      


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