Horse Float system $600
1) Inside Float    
2) Outside Float 
  3) Car Camera                        
Upgrade car camera to CCD Camera


                  Reversing Monitor tailor made for horse float / trailer




The monitor:
This 7" monitor with sunshield has 3 inputs.   Simply select which camera you would like to view.  Any camera can be selected at any time. While resting the monitor on the dash the suction cup will hold it in place..

The cameras:

The system is supplied with 2 x CCD cameras for the float.  One for inside the float and one looking down the road whilst driving.
The third camera is placed on the back of the tow vehicle. 

The Cables:
The system is supplied with
1 x 7.5M twin cable for inside the vehicle to the spiral connector
1 x 7.5M single cable for the rear camera on the car.
1 x twin spiral cable for connecting the system from the car to the float
1 x 15M twin cable for inside / outside the float

Powering this up is a breeze.  Your installer will simply connect this to a power supply in your car and run the cables all the way back to the cameras. The same cables will power up the cameras.  The system can be made to come on automatically in reverse but if towing the trip wire should not be connected as you will see the hitching post in reverse. The remote control is not sent with this monitor as it is not needed (and in fact it could be dangerous looking for it instead of keeping the eyes on the road).  If you do require the remote please specify that you need it and it will be posted with the unit free.


CCD Camera options for the float:
(Black or White)                                 Caravan 

CMOS Reversing Camera Options for the car.  These are also available in CCD - add $50
                Number plate 180º                      Butterfly 150º                Mini Bullet 110º                         Bullet 92º

BRASH IMPORTS      PO BOX 1177     NORTH CAULFIELD        VIC   3161

BRASH IMPORTS      PO BOX 1177     NORTH CAULFIELD        VIC   3161