Caravaners GPS Mirror - $500 Complete

Camera 1:
Camera 2:
Upgrade first camera to CCD Camera
Spiral Cable
Ozi Explorer
$ 75
                                        4.3" GPS with Bluetooth

+ Choice of the following for the car / 4WD


        Bullet                Butterfly               Mini Bullet            License Plate         


Heavy Duty Butterfly              Caravan                  Mini Tailgate  B            Mini Tailgate C



+ Choice of

      Truck /Van             Round caravan         Caravan Camera         

avail in Black or White


NB the round caravan camera must be flush mounted.

The monitor:
This GPS mirror has fitting for most cars and replaces the existing mirror.  Power is usually taken from the interior lights but this of course varies from vehicle to vehicle.  For more details simply click on the image of the mirror.   The mirror is sent with latest street mapping.  Ozi Explorer (with full Aust wide mapping) is offered as an option

The cameras:

The system is supplied with 1 x CMOS camera and 1 x CCD camera. 
The CMOS is for reversing
The CCD is for viewing the camera looking down the road whilst driving.

The Cables:
The system is supplied with
2 x 7.5M cable for inside the vehicle
1 x 15M cable to the back of the caravan. (if you think this is too long you can either coil this up or simply request a 10M cable.

Powering this up is a breeze.  Your installer will simply connect this to a power supply in your car and run the cables all the way back to the cameras. The car camera is powered from any accessories power or reversing lights.  The caravan will either be powered from your existing connector, or if you take the spiral connector option you then your caravan camera will be powered by accessories in the car. 

The system can be made to come on automatically in reverse but if towing the trip wire should not be connected as you will see the hitching post in reverse. 

Wiring hint:   The green trigger wire, when powered, will activate camera 2 (your car camera).  When connected this system you can either not connect this wire or connect it via a switch.  Otherwise when reversing your caravan you will see the image coming out of the car.


Spiral connector  Add $ 50
Add the spiral connector for $50.  The connectors come with covers and screw on connections making them the very best on the market. 



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