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Q. What Brand is it?
A.  Nearly ALL items made in China are generically made units and are purchased at the same factories as some of the better known marketing companies.  Brands, as we know them, are NOT made by these marketing companies.  Goods are simply re-badged in the name of the marketing company. The lack of branding (advertising, marketing fees etc) leads to savings passed on directly to customers.  The items I bring in may come with a known or unknown brand, often in plain white boxes. The EXACT same units are often found in retail stores under various "in-store" names 

Q) Do you have an 
Installation policy
 Prior to installing any powered item it is imperative that your installer test each system / item regardless of if they are new, in the original carton or are loose. It is simply wasteful to have the item installed and expecting it to work because it is new. What invariably happens is, if the unit is faulty, or if the wireless system does not work as intended, the installer gets paid for "doing his job" and the buyer pays for the installation and then the re-installation all because the installer did not test the item first

Q. Can I view the manufacturers website?
There is no further information on any of the manufacturers website other than what has been translated to English on this website.  Unless directed the manufacturers will not respond to any question from end users and have requested that all enquiries only come via Brash Imports

Q.  I have bought a unit from Hong Kong / China but I did not get Australian mapping, can you help?
A.   NO, it needs to be supplied by the supplier as aftermarket software can damage your unit by chewing up memory.

Q Do you install?
A.  No.  All installation should be done by a qualified installer. Click here for a list of installers available in your area.   All self installed items will be done so at owners risk

Q.   Can I self install?
A.   This will depend on your skill level but in general if you are asking then it should be done professionally.

Q.   Are leads and wiring included?
A.   Unless specified all stereo units are complete and all wiring commonly needed to make them work

QDo you have a showroom/shop where goods are displayed/demonstrated?
No, we are a wholesaler/distributor of goods and do not have the same facilities as a retailer

Q.  Can I pick up the item?
A.  Pick up is usually available during our standard office hrs
        Monday - Thursday 10 - 6,
        Friday                       9 - 3
        Sat / Sun                  9 - 11

        but you need to call in advance on (03) 9523 8899 and hrs are quite flexible

Q.  Warranty
A.  As an Australian business we offer a 12 month warranty.

Q. Installation / Removal Costs
A. All install and removal cost are borne by the owner of the unit.  We do not cover the cost of installation, nor if a fault occurs the removal of an item.  We do cover the postage costs if the unit is DOA. but as the unit is to be fully tested prior to installation these costs are covered. 

  Should the item arrived damaged?
A.   Upon payment or invoicing of goods legal ownership is transferred to the buyer.  Brash Imports will post your goods on your behalf or you can elect to use your own courier or they can be collected by arrangement.  Should the item arrived in a damaged condition then you must in the first instance contact the courier used (local courier / Australia Post etc).  Brash Imports can make a claim on your behalf for your goods but this can only be done once you have reported the damage.

Q. Battery is dead!
A  Batteries and other consumables are not covered by any warranty.

Q What are your installation guidelines ?
A.  Quite simply all units must be installed by qualified installers listed in either the Yellow Pages or have a registered installation business (card proof maybe requested).  For those wishing to self install or choose their own installer the items will still carry a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty but as installation is done as owners choice no claim can be made for damage to vehicle or any other costs associated with installing or removing the item.. All registered installers will carry their own insurances for damage caused their own negligence or fault caused.  Goods will NOT be replaced for burnt out wiring etc.

Q.  What happens after 7 days?
A.  All new goods have a 12 months manufacturers' warranty and need to be returned to warranty and get goods repaired or replaced, (more common is that goods are simply replaced).  No manufacturer has facilities for repairing items outside of China.  For your convenience, and to provide a one stop shop, goods can be returned to Brash Imports office in China and we will send the items to the manufacturers on your behalf at the purchasers' cost. 

Turnaround time is typically 4 - 5 weeks

Q What about refunds ?
Brash Imports adheres to Consumer Affairs (Vic) and ACCC guidelines relating to the return of goods.

It is important to know your rights and responsibilities when purchasing goods and services as the law does not require traders to make refunds in every case - Choose carefully!

QWhen can I get a refund?
You are entitled to a refund when the goods you bought:

QWhen am I not entitled to a refund?
You may not be entitled to a refund when:

QWhat if the goods are DOA or Faulty?
If you believe the goods are faulty you should stop using them immediately and return them as soon as possible.

If you intend to return goods please contact  outlining your reasons for the return.

Q. I no longer want or do not need these goods?
Please choose goods carefully and ask as many questions as you need (after downloading manuals). An industry standard re-stocking fee of 25% for re-stocking fee + courier / postage costs will apply to all goods returned as long as they are returned in the original condition they were sent in and never installed.  Special orders and items over $999 will incur a 25% re-stocking fee + courier / postage costs.

Q. Can goods be exchanged?
Please choose goods carefully and ask as many questions as you need (after downloading manuals).  A 20% re stocking fee will apply to all goods exchanged (unless faulty in which case there is no re-stocking fee)

Q.  Are there any other costs for delivery - ANYWHERE in Australia?
A.  Ordered over $100 are post free. 

Q.  What are the postage/courier costs outside of Australia?
A.   Items are sent at the buyers cost.  Goods may be sent via courier from China or Australia, or goods may be posted via airmail from Australia

Q My item arrived damaged / or are not delivered?
As above, once goods are paid for or invoiced they are deemed to you legally yours. You have have a courier collect them, collect them yourself (and can pay upon collection) or I will post these Australia wide free of postage charges. It is HIGHLY recommended that you request insurance is taken out on YOUR goods, for no liability will be accepted once goods are posted.

In the event your item does arrive damaged it must be taken to your local post office with packaging so that an insurance claim can be made.

Q.  My Items are late ?
A.  From March 2020 Australia Post is no longer able to guarantee delivery times.  if your item is time sensitive you can elect to have your courier collect this as we cannot be held responsible for Australia Post commitments.

Can I buy at trade pricing ?
A.  Trade pricing is offered to re-sellers after their first purchase and by contacting

Q. Can you get Sun visor monitors? or Pre-made Head Rest Monitors
A.  These are ILLEGAL.  
Click here for a full answer as to why you cannot use, purchase or install these.

Q.  Wired or Wireless?
A.  A wireless system is easier to install but is more costly to purchase.  The real issue is that the camera and receiver should be able to see each other in order to work properly but this is impractical in cars and so it is not recommended as the picture is rarely acceptable.

Q. Can you get headrests with monitors
A.  Yes... but I cannot sell them to you as they are ILLEGAL in Australia as it changes the design of you vehicle.  This will modify the car to a point where it no longer be roadworthy (hence this is why they are not available in retail stores)  DO NOT USE THESE.  If you simply must have them, then contact  Debbie works from China and can organize this for you but you will be deemed the importer of these and thus the onus will be on yourself


Q How do I pay ?
By selecting the item and putting it into the shopping cart you can check out and use PayPal, MasterCard or Visa

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