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BIC010  (2005 - 2013)       Inc CCD Reversing Camera
BIC071  (2005 - 2013)      Inc CCD Reversing Camera
Apple Car Play USB Dongle (click here for details) 
Integrated Front facing DVR Camera (crash cam)  
Integrated Digital TV tuner with twin powered antennas (click here for details)
Digital Radio tuner with external glass mounted antenna (click here for details)
$ 90
Upgrade camera to Sensor Camera         
Upgrade camera to IPAS (Intelligent Park Assist)  Camera (as pictured below)
ODB2 Wireless Sender (click for details)
Tyre Pressure Monitor Sender (click for more detail)                       
Ozi Explorer Off Road 1:250K Aust wide mapping installed
(will need to purchase your individual licence direct from Ozi Explorer)                         
Express Post                                                                    
Stereo Removal tools

We have 2 units which can be fitted to a 2003+ Toyota where the original unit is 200mm wide both have the same features but in general knobs up the top are easier to use



Wiring / Installation Notes:
The unit will come with Plug and Play wiring for power / speakers / Steering controls etc for your vehicle. For the steering controls in most Toyotas you will simply plug in the adapter.  If your vehicle has a slightly different steering plug you simply need to join the red to red, black to black (or grey)  and white to white.

If you have a post 2009 vehicle you may need an antenna adapter as some models have moved to the new Toyota adapter..   if you need this please ask and it will be included in the price. 

HOW TO REMOVE YOUR HILUX STEREO. (USA model is same as ours)



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