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7" Monitor
Camera option   


7" baby 2.4G Wireless color baby monitor with Infra Red camera options


This system will work with up to 3 cameras of either or mixed type.  The top camera (CA200) has an audio trigger.  The lower camera (CA500) is also with audio and has motion trigger built in, so simply decide if you need a motion or an audio trigger.


7.0" LCD monitor with remote control and supports up to 3 cameras
On screen display (OSD) menu to adjust color, contrast, brightness etc.
Monitor can work in 3 modes: Auto, Manual or Scan
In Auto mode, adjustable cycle time from 2 to 30 seconds,
In Scan mode, monitor can be activated when motion or audio detected by camera (camera dependant)
Monitor beeps when motion / audio detected and the beep volume is adjustable
Mirror function for vehicle rear view camera
Up/down reverse function when monitor is installed upside down
Selectable screen ratio of 4:3(std.), 16:9 (DVD movie) and extended 4:3
Optional rechargeable battery pack for either camera
Both monitor and camera can be desktop stand and wall mounted
Selectable video sources from wireless or wired A/V inputs


Monitor/Receiver: M700
Screen Size: 7.0 inch
Resolution: H:480 V:234
Brightness: 300cd/m2
Current Consumption: Approx. 600mA
Weight: 479.2g
Dimensions: 181.9mmW x 141.8mmH x 65.7mm

Camera/Transmitter: CA500 (motion trigger)
Image Sensor: 1/3" Color CMOS
Lens: 5.6mm / F2.0
Resolution: 360 Horizontal TV Lines
Minimum Illumination: 0.1lux (IR On)
IR LED / Night Vision Range: 8 LEDs, 840nm  /2M
Weatherproof: IP54 (suitable for outdoor use)
Current Consumption: Approx. 180mA
Weight: 217.0g
Dimensions: 58.4mmW x 180.2mmH x 99.0mm

Camera/Transmitter: CA200 (audio trigger)
Image Sensor: 1/3" Color CMOS
Lens: 5.6mm / F2.0
Resolution: 360 Horizontal TV Lines
Minimum Illumination: 0.1lux (IR On)
IR LED / Night Vision Range: 8 LEDs, 840nm 2M 
Weatherproof: Indoor
Current Consumption: Approx. 160mA
Weight: 96.4g
Dimensions: 95.2mmW x 108.0mmH x 62.2mmD





Rechargeable Battery Pack Camera
Extra Audio Camera CA200
Extra Motion Camera CA500

For buyers outside of Australia please contact me at for a postal cost as well as availability of AC adaptors.


Q Do cameras work at night?
The camera has Infra Red LEDs, and so the work ok in low light, but in a dark room (like a typical babies room) the camera will work only about 1 - 1.5M and then in grey mode. Some users have used night lights with better results.  Stronger Infra Reds have been shown to disturb babies.
Q Will it work in my home?
Whether it will work will depend on many variables. Things which will interfere with camera signals include walls construction, door construction, distance between camera and monitor, cordless phones, other wireless equipment in the area, fluorescent lights and even the AC power supply can be noisy. The cameras have 3 channels, so select another channel if you are getting too much interference.
Q Can the camera be made to give off a stronger signal?
No. Australian Law (as well as many other countries) state that the maximum camera output for 2.4Mhtz is set at 10mw. Each of these unit is tested to make sure it transmits the maximum allowable, and so in basic terms if this camera does not work then no other camera will.


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