4 Sensors + Buzzer - $50
4 illuminated + Buzzer - $60
4 Sensors + Video Out + Buzzer - $60
4 Sensors + LED Display + Buzzer - $60
4 Sensors + Buzzer + Camera - $100
4 Sensors + Buzzer - for steel bumper bars - $90



On backing the car, the rear sensors will automatically detect obstacles behind the car.

4 stage-by-stage sound alarm, with harsher sound for shorter distance to avoid colliding.

Audible alarm unit indicating distance, obstacles etc

Detection range: distance display range:  from 0.35m to 1.5m

Sensors are actually black and can be painted to suit. 


Read the general instruction manual.

Sensors cables CANNOT be cut / lengthened or shortened as this will change the resistance.
4 sensors cannot be placed 2 in the front and 2 in the rear as the cables are not long enough
Placing sensors made for rear bumpers can be put in the front but they will need an activation switch.
Sensors should be professionally installed as self installers have been know to drill holes where steel supports are.
All items should be tested before installation
All sensors are black.  Using a pre colored sensors never looks correct.  Bunning's (and other stores) will sell you
a can of color matched paint for about $20 - 25.  Simply spray over the sensor (no undercoat should be used)

For the illuminated sensors:
Green cable is connected to brake light.
The Red and Black cables are connected to reverse light.
Blue is connected to parking lights 

As the car is put into reverse the lights will come on, as they do when the parking lights or brakes are activated
As the parking / brake lights will also activate the sensors you may get consider asking your installer to put in a
 simple relay so that the beeper will only work when the car is in reverse.
The illuminated sensors need the rubber light ring removed before they can be painted (or simply pick the paint off)

For Steel Bumper Bars:
These are encased in a special rubber housing so that the steel does not interfere with the ultrasonics of the sensors.

For 8 Sensors Systems:
The rear sensors are activated by the reverse lights.  The front sensors are activated by the brake. 
If needed you can use only 2 in the front and 4 in the rear (or vice versa). 
The cables are long enough for most cars and 4WD


Parking sensors with camera wiring


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