BI-043C   - Clip over
Express Post Australia Wide
Add tailgate camera
$ 50
Add bullet / bumper bar camera
$ 45
Add Ozi Explorer inc Off Road mapping
$ 75

4.3" GPS Mirror Monitor with Bluetooth & camera input


This system combines the very best of GPS, Hands free Bluetooth and has a reversing camera input for reversing/ towing.  When in reverse the monitor will automatically switch to reverse image or you can manually turn either camera on - PERFECT.   The right of this unit is glass mirror.

It clips over your existing mirror making installation easy!

Latest mapping and announces street names for turn by turn etc.
Brightness and Color, Contrast controls
Can be connected with camera for safe parking
When the car is in reverse the rearview image will automatically appear
Play video MP4, AVI, ASF, WMV,MP3, WMA, WAV format
Support JPEG,PDF image format
Audio frequency: 20Hz-20KHz.5dB
Audio S/N ratio: ≥85dB
Operation temperature: -10℃ to 55℃
Power consumption: ≤8W
Operated by DC 12V
Dimensions 284mm x 78mm
TF card up to 32GB
Port No 1 / Baud Rate 4800
Sensitivity - 159dBm
A7   800MHz Arm Processor
Win CE 6.0







      Bullet / Bumper Bar                  Tailgate




MAPPING:  When the Ozi Explorer GPS option is purchased the unit will display 2 icons when selecting navigation.  You will have the option of selecting either the standard turn by turn road mapping or the off road mapping.  The Off-road mapping software is supplied by Ozi Explorer. The mapping for both the off road is supplied by Australian Geoscience maps using a 1:250K scale.  The only help available for the use for how to use Ozi Explorer is via the link above, via online forums or private tuition. The areas for the Geoscience maps cover the entire Australian continent as well as the entire coast line.  If you have other maps or other scales then these can be added to the SD card.

Select either Road maps or off road maps - no need to change SD cards!

Ozi Explorer area covered using NAT Maps from Aus Geoscience for Off road and Marine mapping.
These maps have been digitally converted for Ozi Explorer.

Ozi Explorer CE features:
Mark waypoints 
Breadcrumb trail 
Log & save tracks 
Many map zoom levels 
More/Less   detailed maps 
Automatic loading of next map

Major road to public or private track with minimum or no   construction
Watercourse, canals, perennial lake, bore, well, wind pump,   waterhole, spring, swamp
Cultural features
Pipelines, tanks, homesteads, ruins, landmarks, fence,   levee, quarry, mine
State & territory borders, reserves and prohibited areas
Tracks, stations, sidings and abandoned lines
Forest, scrubland, rain forest, plantation, orchard
Aircraft facilities
Airport, landing strip, helipad
Offshore & Coastal features
Boat ramp, lighthouse, reef, shoal,   wreck, costal flat, mangrove
Elevation, sand dunes, cliffs, sand ridges, pinnacle and contour lines with values.

Ozi Explorer area covered using Aus Geoscience off road mapping:



Both Camera and monitor need to be powered by connecting
Red - Positive
Black - Negative
If the power cable does not have Red/Black wires then you will need to test using a multi meter.  The inside of the plug is positive, the outside negative

For this monitor:
Yellow = constant 12V,
Red = accessories
Black = earth
Blue = Not units.

The connection between the camera and the monitor is via a simple RCA cable.  Only the YELLOW is used. 
The unit will auto detect when a camera signal is received.

If more instructions are needed then you should be getting this unit professionally installed

Of course all items supplied should be tested BEFORE installation.