Frequency   VHF / UHF
VSWR         <2.0:1
Impedance  75ohm
LNA GAIN    18db max
Connector     SMA
Cable            4.5M RG174
Voltage         12V

Digital antenna signal quality in a vehicle is dependent on many variables.  These include positioning of the antenna, the angle the antenna is is placed on, the ability to collect the signals, local geography, distance of broadcast towers, strength of broadcast signals and especially electronic noise coming from the vehicle or even the dashboard itself.  The antenna can be placed on the inside of a window or even in a bumper bar.  Each car will be different.  Each installation will be different.  Importantly a good quality tuner is also of course needed.  Some tuners have a speed rating, some not.  Many aftermarket Chinese units use cheap tuners to lower the cost, and so if you have one of these you may never get anything more than SBS.  Because of all the variables there cannot be any type of guarantee of how the antenna will function within the buyers vehicle, but I can say that I have used these and seen them work, both on a test bench and inside a vehicle. 


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