BIW1083 (including Apple CarPlay/Android Auto + CCD Reversing Camera)   


BIW802 inc Apple Car play / Android Auto + CCD Reversing Camera 
Professional fascia  

Wiring / Installation Notes:
The unit will come with Plug and Play wiring for power / speakers etc for the BT-50 and Ranger. 

Fitting the 001 unit into the fascia can be a bit tricky as it is a very tight fit.  In basic terms after the fascia is assembled it is placed face down on a towel. Then from the back you slowly slide the unit into place (so that you are pushing the LCD down to the towel).  The 802 fits without this issue as it is 4mm narrower

You will need to remove the old heater control sticker from your old fascia.  Practice on one of the other stickers first. removing them is quite easy.



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