BIW065 Toyota Prado 150 Sereis (including Apple CarPlay/Android Auto + CCD Reversing Camera)   


Left Hand Panel
(including Apple CarPlay/Android Auto)


Brash Imports


Wiring / Installation Notes:
The unit will come with Plug and Play wiring for power / speakers etc for the your vehicle.  If you have an existing camera then this can be utilized but it will depend on your installers skill in connecting this.

For all models you will need to purchase from Toyota a left hand side cover as the RHD is blank these are $150. 
For a single hazard switch the part number is 55422-60120
For the double hazard switch (with the light on it) is it 55422-60040
Please double check this when receiving your item from Toyota as I have found these numbers overseas although they do appear on the Aust data base.




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