Screen going black occasionally or with indicators / lights

There have been a few occasions where it has been reported that the screen will go off when indictors, brakes or headlights are turned on.  On most occasions this is a result in a fault in the wiring of a car (regardless of age).  

If the screen starts as normal and goes black but the radio stays on then try the following. 
Go to Setting
            Reverse detection
              Set this to off.

If the screen no longer goes black then the cause of this is coming from the Blue trigger wire receiving 12V, which it should only when the car is in reverse.  If this is the case you will need to get your wiring tested.

Other things to try is to run a heavy duty cable direct from the battery to the Yellow wire on unit so that the effect of a battery drain is minimalized which may happen due to poor alternator or poor battery.  Of course a wire should also be run from the body of the car to the unit to give it better earth.