Purchased an Air Conditioning relocation unit from eBay  about $50

there are two types
The measurements of the switch panel can be 16mm or 18mm -
  - check which size switch you have and purchase the one to suit. .

This unit allows the sunglasses holder to be removed and then the AC Panel can be moved into that space.

Firstly pull out the gear lever gaitor and remove the screws as shown below


Then remove the sunglasses holder just by opening the door of it then pull out. this will then allow access to the upper two screws of the holder.

You can then pull the unit out which holds the ashtray, ASC button and sunglasses holder.
Pop the ASC button out and disconnect the cable from the back of it.

Remove the cables for the 12v cigarette lighter and then pop the socket out.

Insert the ASC button in the AC relocation unit and connect the cable. Insert the cigarette lighter socket and connect cables. Leave the unit dangling for now.

Remove the dash trim either side of the radio to allow access to the two screws then unscrew to remove the radio - then remove it.

Remove the AC panel by prising it away - there are two slots about the size of a flat screwdriver head.

Disconnect the cables from the back of the unit.

Pass the cables through the new relocation unit and then put the unit in place.

Screw the unit in place.

Reconnect the cables for AC panel.

Push the AC panel into it's new home - it just clicks in. Then reinsert the ashtray.

The end result:

The only tool used in the job: