BI7599 7" with base stand
Windscreen Suctions cup
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Reversing Monitor with sunshield! perfect for dashboard / windscreen  mounted reversing monitors

Without a sunshield a LCD on the dashboard is next to impossible to view anything.  Now available is this specifically designed unit with sun shield. Your images will no longer be washed out and view a lot easier!    Simply decide which size suits best and add the camera of your choice

7" Inch Dash Mounting stand In-Car TFT LCD Monitor with sunshield is the now available 
Built in Amplifier and Speaker
3 Inputs
Blue screen when no video signal
On screen display function menu
PAL/NTSC auto switch
Power supply:7W/12VDC/ 0.7A
Image resolution: 1440 x 234 x 3 P
Contrast:   300:1
Lum:  250 - 300cd/m2
View angle range: (left/right)65 ° (top)40 ° (down)15°
Product size: 7" 172 x 115 x 20 mm ,

Color: Black.

The remote control is not sent with this monitor as it is not needed (and in fact it could be dangerous looking for it instead of keeping the eyes on the road).  If you do require the remote please specify that you need it and it will be posted with the unit free.


Wiring hint for 2 camera system:  The green trigger wire, when powered, will activate camera 2 (your car cameras).  When connected this system you can either not connect this wire or connect it via a switch.  Otherwise when reversing your caravan you will see the image coming out of the car.



Camera Options:
Heavy Duty Truck / Van (avail in white)      Heavy Duty Bullet           Caravan Round                  Number Plate                             

           Caravan                                                                                  Twin Caravan                                                    

Camera Options Model
Bullet / Bumper
H. D. Truck 
Heavy Duty Butterfly
Caravan Round
Number Plate
Twin Caravan Camera


This heavy duty 3 in 1 cable carries audio / video and power and of course has fully waterproof connections making it ideal for cars, 4WD, trucks, caravans, horse floats etc.4 Pin Cables

  When sent with above
7.5M Single (most cars)                       (single camera system)
7.5M Twin Cable (most cars)               (twin camera system)
10M Cable  (smaller caravan / trailer) (single camera)
15M Cable  (standard caravan)          (single camera)
15M Twin Cable                          (two cameras placed on caravan or truck)
20M Cable   (truck)                           (single camera)
Spiral Single Cable    (One camera on caravan / trailer / truck)
Spiral Twin Cable      (Two cameras on the caravan / trailer / truck)
Spiral Triple Cable      (Three cameras on the caravan / trailer / truck)
Integrated Parking sensors      


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