BI500R OEM Style Mirror replacement
BI500C Clip over Mirror
Express Post Australia Wide

5" Mirror Monitor with No 1 arm for Holden, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota and many many more!

Monitor Features:

5 inch TFT LCD
Sharp Color TFT-LCD monitor
NTSC/PAL system
16:9 mode
inputs -  2 x  RCA
Angle : H:100; VL 80;
Brightness:250 Contrast: 300
Overall size is approx 274mm x 76mm and will fit nearly every car

The No 1 arm will slide onto most vehicles existing mounting blocks and has been tested on Toyotas, Fords, Holdens, Nissans, Mazdas etc where the mirror is attached to the windscreen. 
A mounting block can be supplied upon request.  DO NOT try to remove your existing block. 
    You should have this block on your windscreen

  Unit is a full reflection mirror and made as an genuine OEM style unit.




Camera Options:
    Bullet                                                     Number Plate                          Miniature Tailgate B

    Heavy Duty Butterfly                                       Caravan Camera                                        

  Camera Options CMOS
Bullet CMOS
$ 45    
Number Plate CMOS
$ 45     
Miniature Tailgate B CCD
$ 50     

Heavy Duty Butterfly


Truck / Van

Miniature Tailgate C CCD
$ 140    


Extra 6M M - M RCA cable
$ 5   

First Camera is automatically supplied with a 6M RCA cable
Second Camera is supplied with both 6M and 15M RCA cabling


Both Camera and monitor need to be powered by connecting
Red - Positive
Black - Negative
If the power cable does not have Red/Black wires then you will need to test using a multi meter.  The inside of the plug is positive, the outside negative

Some monitors may also have a green wire which, when connected to the positive side of the reversing light will make the camera display on input no 2.  If connecting a second camera then this wire should not be connected (or a simple switch put in to disable it when the second camera is connected).   The monitor can be manually turned on to display the camera at any time and can be left on whilst driving.

The connection between the camera and the monitor is via a simple RCA cable.  Only the YELLOW is used. 

If more instructions are needed then you should be getting this unit professionally installed

Of course all items supplied should be tested BEFORE installation.

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